Data Protection & Privacy Policy AEPROPERTY.NET

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Our company AEPROPERTY.NET  and its employees will try to protect your confidential data and your personal information. We have indicated below how we collect and use your data.

 1. How we use your personal information and data

AEPROPERTY.NET collects and uses your data and personal information to resolve issues of administration and customer support, to assist our customers. We use your data and personal information to monitor compliance with all laws and contracts.

 2. Use of your information and data for marketing purposes

If you want all your personal information to not be used later for promotional purposes, please contact us at and we will ensure that you do not receive any marketing offers or other notifications from us.

 3. Collection of personal information and personal data

All information that our company AEPROPERTY.NETcollects comes to us directly from you, as our customers. All your data is reliably protected and stored in our company without the possibility of their use by third parties. We will store your personal information a reasonable amount of time to provide support and administration of our services.

 4. Your Personal Information Our Company Collects

When contacting our company by contacting the office, telephone, electronic communication methods, as well as visiting our Internet resource, we collect data about users and our customers who place orders using the above communication and contact methods.

The data we collect may include information about interaction with advertising, information about networks, data about systems, communication and contact devices, information about senders and recipients of messages sent or received by our company. We may collect information about the time and places of entry into our services or resources. We collect information about the duration of contacts, the flow of clicks and any other system data.
This information may indicate you and your entry points and other companies.

If you are worried about your data, you can browse our site anonymously.

Upon your request, we can provide you with information that we store about you, subject to your identification. Your information is not available to any other users, except for the conditions for the implementation of the law and the official requests of the official bodies that have the right to do so.

We collect information about visitors to our website, collect email addresses when contacting our company, our company collects phone numbers and mobile data when contacting our contact center or by phone to an employee.

The information that our company collects is mainly used for internal analysis and improvement of our service, our Internet resource and our overall work.

Any of your information is not transferred to third parties except for the case of delivery of goods to you, and insurance of this delivery, in this case all the necessary information will be transferred to the company that will deliver the goods to your address and insurance company. By placing an order for the delivery of goods on our website or by phone, you agree to the provision of your information to a third party who is responsible for organizing the delivery of this product to your address and its insurance.

If you do not want to receive from us any messages other than those necessary as part of your order and its execution, you can write to us at our address:

 5. Methods of storage and shelf life of information

We store your information in our customer base. This information will be used by our company and a reasonable amount of time is stored. We need this information to provide inquiries and solve problems regarding our services and the requirements of the data storage law. We reserve the right to store this information after the completion of our service and sale, even if you no longer use the services of our company. All information will be stored for a reasonable amount of time, unless the law or regulatory authorities and instructions require us to keep it longer.

6. Third parties

We have the right to transfer your information to a third party that is related to the execution of our order for you. Without your additional consent, we transmit your information to delivery services, insurance companies related to this delivery of goods. We have the right to transfer your full address, name and surname, phone number as well as other data necessary to complete this order. We provide all information only to those companies that operate in accordance with the law on data protection and storage. At your request, you can receive information from us to whom and when your data was provided.

No lists of our customers are transferred to third parties, except for requests from state authorities, if any.

 7. Email alerts, correspondence, news and promotions

We have the right to send you notifications, to correspond, to contact you by phone or via the website if you placed an order with us in any of the possible ways. All contacts are possible only on the means of communication provided by us. We reserve the right to rarely send you information about our products, discounts and promotions. You have the right to refuse to receive these notifications by following the instructions or by writing to us at

 8. Monitoring Email Correspondence

As part of the security control, we have the right to read any mail sent to our employees. In the case of unsafe content of any letter or its attachment, such as a virus, we have the right to remove or delay it.

 9. Cookie Policy

 Our site uses cookies, which are small pieces of code and files that improve the performance of our site on your computer. Below we describe what information when we collect cookies, how we use it and when we store it.

You have the right to cancel the download of cookies, but at the same time, we cannot guarantee the good operation of our site.

You can read more about cookies on Wikipedia here.

 Use of Cookies

We recommend using cookies for the proper and proper operation of our site if you are not sure whether you need them or not. You can disable the use of cookies if you are sure that you need it. You must understand that all cookies are used to provide the service you want to use.

 Disabling Cookies

You can prevent your browser from using cookies. You must understand that using this function to restrict the use of cookies by your browser can change the functionality of all sites that you visit or intend to visit. Typically, disabling cookies will disable certain features and capabilities of the site, so we recommend that you do not disable cookies.

 Related Cookies Email

Our site can remember the user if you are already registered with us, to show you certain notifications that can be used for registered or unsubscribing users. We provide newsletter subscription services. When using this function, we use cookies that remember you.

 Handling related cookie orders

Our website remembers your order with a cookie, the products you have selected and they are remembered when you use our website further to facilitate processing including canceling or editing your order.

 Related Cookies Forms

If you fill out any forms on our website, cookies can save your user data for future use or correspondence.

 Third Party Cookies

On our website it is possible to use cookies provided by third trusted parties. Below we will describe in more detail which third-party cookies you may encounter when using our site.

We use Google Analytics, which we need to analyze our site. Cookies can track the time spent on our site, the pages you visit, the content you prefer, the time you visit our site.

You can learn more about Google Analytics cookie information here.

Once again, we remind you that for the site to work well, we recommend that you leave cookies turned on.

 10. Security

We take security measures of storing your data very seriously and take all reasonable measures to ensure their security. Depending on the data, we use the functions of password protection, encryption, access control, backup, transfer standards and environmental integrity control to protect your data from loss or misuse.

ATTENTION: We do not store your credit or debit card details. The data of your card that you used to pay is always encrypted and not stored.

 11. Questions and requests

If you have additional questions regarding the privacy policy, data protection or their use in our services, you can contact us for this information:


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